Smart Telecom Services Monitoring Solution

Cogniz is a telecom services monitoring platform that enables a telecom operator to monitor all elements of the network in a vendor, platform and location agnostic manner.


COGNIZ is a universal virtual console using which you can deeply monitor every network service in a vendor, platform and location agnostic manner


Create a safety (Yellow) Zone of operations between the green (functional) and the red (non-functional) states of any service or its underlying nodes. Get ample time to respond and take preventive or corrective actions.


Cogniz is a service-aware platform that enables proactive creation of service KPIs and boundaries, tagging and monitoring all underlying resources or systems that deliver the services, and predicting service impact based on real time machine learning and anomaly detection for every monitored service


You can automate daily network monitoring and health checkup tasks such as system scans, backups etc. to run on a schedule or on demand. This helps in saving crucial time & resources and enables easy troubleshooting.

An intuitive Cognitive module that predicts Service anomalies before they manifest.
Cogniz uses a combination of statistical and machine learning algorithms to analyze the data, create patterns, predict issues and proactively monitor the elements of the network.

Technology Stack


KPI Manager

Monitor pre-packaged KPIs as well as user-defined KPIs in a pro-active manner instead of reactive


Alerts Manager

View and manage SNMP alarms generated by network nodes diligently


Tasks Manager

Automate your daily operational tasks in an innovative and user-friendly manner


Events Manager

View all potential security breach events occurring in the network nodes from a single window


Resource Monitor

Identify all unhealthy nodes/instances in the network from CPU, memory and disk-space usage perspective through a single click

Ensure QoS for Telecom Services by leveraging
application performance insights and machine learning.

Manage your network better and smarter with COGNIZ.

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